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How to Write an Autobiography

14 May 2010 - 7 years ago    Howcast

Watch more How to Write a Book videos: Committing your life story to paper doesn't have to end in a book deal to be considered...

Elizabeth Smart On The A&E Special: "Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography"

10 Nov 2017 - 4 months ago    BUILD Series

In the A&E special, "Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography," Smart explains her story in her own words and provides previously untold details about her infamous abduction and nine-month nightmare...

Geronimo's Story of His Life - FULL Audio Book by Geronimo - Autobiography Native American History

06 Nov 2012 - 5 years ago    Greatest AudioBooks

Geronimo's Story of His Life FULL Audio Book by Geronimo - Autobiography Native American History - Geronimo "one who yawns"; June 16, 1829 -- February 17, 1909) was a prominent leader of the...

The power of autobiography: Djola Branner at TEDxHampshireCollege

14 Nov 2012 - 5 years ago    TEDx Talks

DJOLA BRANNER The Power of Autobiography This performance/lecture chronicles Djola's life long obsession with first-person narratives, and the surprising revelation that writing and performing...

Autobiography by Nicki Minaj lyrics

29 May 2011 - 6 years ago    LilyPrincess96

PS. The quote on her 1st picture is "To survive is to stay alive in the face of opposition"

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (Audiobook)

08 Nov 2013 - 4 years ago    Free Audio Books for Intellectual Exercise

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (Audiobook)

Waylon Jennings Autobiography with photos

20 Jun 2013 - 4 years ago    Waylon lives forever

Waylon Jennings narrates his life story with lots of photos old & new, listen to the life story of Waylon Jennings from his birth in 1937 up until this Autobiography, in 1997. five years before...

George W. Bush - AutoBiography

09 Oct 2012 - 5 years ago    Vonsmersh

George W Bush.

Malcolm X: Abridged Autobiography: 4.5 hours

26 Mar 2016 - 1 year ago    AmericanArabMessage

Abridged Autobiography of Malcolm X: Running time 4 1/2 hours.

John Cleese Used His Autobiography as ID

16 Mar 2018 - 6 days ago    Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Cleese explains why he hates staying at hotels and tells a story about using his autobiography as a form of identification. » Subscribe to Late Night: »...

My autobiography

23 Mar 2015 - 2 years ago    Daniel Thin

Autobiography in English Language for students of English as a foreign language.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated...

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (FULL Audiobook)

26 Jun 2015 - 2 years ago    FULL audio books for everyone

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man - audiobook James Weldon JOHNSON (1871 - 1938) Johnson's only novel, The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, was originally published anonymously in 1912....

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Audiobook

19 Apr 2015 - 2 years ago    Swarming Mannequins

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Author: Benjamin Franklin Read By: Andrew Julow From his dogged determination to master prose to his spectacular achievements in civic improvement,...

The Flippist: A Flipbook Autobiography (for CenturyLink)

21 Feb 2018 - 1 month ago    theflippist

I partnered up with CenturyLink to make a flipbook about...myself...and how the internet helped me become THE FLIPPIST! Weird!

HENRY FORD Autobiography - My Life and Work | Animated Book Summary

01 Dec 2016 - 1 year ago    Eudaimonia

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Richard Pryor Autobiography PRYOR CONVICTIONS pt 1

17 Sep 2013 - 4 years ago    Andy Itwaru