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How to tell a story( Past Events) in English? - Spoken English lesson

18 Jul 2014 - 3 years ago    Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons

How to tell a story( Past Events) in English?-- Free English lesson for speaking in English. A very useful skill in English is to be able to tell a story or an anecdote. Anecdotes are short...

How to Narrate Your Life Story

21 Jun 2017 - 5 months ago    The School of Life

The difference between despair and hope often boils down to different ways of telling stories from the same set of facts. Some of the art of living means learning how to tell the story of our...

NPR's Scott Simon: How to Tell a Story

12 Jun 2009 - 8 years ago    NPR

This video is a part of the YouTube Reporters' Center. See more videos on how to report the news -- and share your ideas -- at Find more videos...

How to tell a story like a native English speaker

07 Dec 2015 - 2 years ago    English Jade - Learn English (engVid)

Do you want to tell interesting stories? Telling an engaging story is a social skill that anyone can learn. I'll give you some phrases you can memorise and use to tell better stories in English....

How To Tell a Great Story (That's Not Boring) Best Storytelling Tips

27 Jun 2016 - 1 year ago    PeakYourMind

FREE Goal Setting Workshop With Me: Subscribe to PeakYourMind Here: Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos! Go support OneShortOneLong:...

Thomas Sanders Narrating People's Lives Vine Compilation 2016

03 Jul 2016 - 1 year ago    AlotVines

Check out Thomas Sanders All Vines: "Story Time - Narrating People's Lives" Follow him on Vine:

How to Write Narrative

10 Feb 2014 - 3 years ago    Jeremy Thompson

How to write a narrative story.

How to narrate a story

15 Sep 2016 - 1 year ago    Supriya Tiwari

Storytelling (The Power of Telling Stories)

22 May 2013 - 4 years ago    James Wedmore

Storytelling (The Power of Telling Stories): Storytelling is a POWERFUL way to engage your audience! Read the full blog post here:

Efficient English 12: Story Telling

09 Feb 2014 - 3 years ago    Efficient English

This is an intermediate/high intermediate lesson. Learn the basic skills involved in telling past tense stories including using time words, mixing past and present tense, and reporting the...

How To Tell A Story: Quick-Learn Storytelling Techniques!

15 Sep 2010 - 7 years ago    Sean Buvala How to Tell a Story: one of the most searched for terms in communications and public speaking. National storyteller and coach of storytelling techniques, Sean...

How To Tell a Story About Past Events During an English Conversation - Practical Grammar Lesson

10 Nov 2010 - 7 years ago    EnglishHarmony When you're having a lengthy chat with someone in English and you're telling about what happened at your birthday party, for example, you may want to adopt more friendly...

A simple story narration for school kids

12 Dec 2015 - 2 years ago    Ayesha's Kitchen

A simple story telling by Fathima Riza Reen. The story is based on "Numbers" by Shasthro. It is a very simple story narration so that it can be easily learnt and performed in the stage by school...

Mystery Story / Narrative Tenses

15 Jan 2015 - 2 years ago    Luke's English Podcast

A short mystery story to present narrative tenses in English, including past simple, past continuous and past perfect. Click this link for a worksheet, transcript, grammar explanations and...

How to narrate an unforgettable story | Piyush Pandey | TEDxBITSGoa

29 Jun 2016 - 1 year ago    TEDx Talks

"Tell me a truth and I will believe, tell me a story and I will remember." Watch this talk to see Piyush Pandey recount valuable and intricate details of effective communication from his experience...

How not to narrate a story

16 May 2011 - 6 years ago    Tony Burke

In an attempt to test some video editing software I thought I'd read a short story I had written and share it with family and friends. Things did not go as planned. In fact, it was a fiasco....

How To... Narrate a Story

18 Jul 2014 - 3 years ago    Elizabeth Bennett

The Narrow Path Home Study program presents a How To... Video Series Presentation This presentation teaches about the differences between the five (5) writing Point of Views (POVs). It is...

How to tell a story through photographs | tutorial

31 May 2011 - 6 years ago    LinkedIn Learning Solutions

This photography tutorial explores a variety of techniques used to tell a story via a photo shoot. Watch more at

1 How to narrate the whole story in 10 minutes

31 Aug 2015 - 2 years ago    Screenwriters Association

This Video shows how to deal with the challenge of telling your 2 hour long story in 10 minutes. What are the important points you touch upon, make the listener most interested in your story..

How to Write a Short Story - Quick and Easy

11 Jul 2013 - 4 years ago    Andrew Heath

Are you interested in writing fiction? Especially short stories? Or novels? Maybe humor? Mysteries? Sci-fi? Visit to learn how to do it. This page will show...