Fortnite Fan Film: Sharpshooter

Published At : 31 Mar 2018
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Watch Full Video Of Fortnite Fan Film: Sharpshooter.PART 3 IS COMING SOON, STAY TUNED FAM 😎 🎬BEHIND THE SCENES: 🌟🌟SPECIAL THANKS🌟🌟 Special thanks to: Sammy (REX): ⭐⭐FOLLOW US ON OUR OTHER PAGES⭐⭐ 👉🏽YouTube: This is where you can see the most of our content in one place! 👉🏽Twitter: Talk with us and receive channel updates as well as behind-the-scenes recordings! 👉🏽SAY HI IN OUR DISCORD CHAT: 👉🏽Facebook: See some of our videos as well as occasional videos we're involved with! 👉🏽Instagram: For behind-the-scenes, small trailers, and our shorter videos that aren't long enough for YouTube ⭐⭐DESCRIPTION⭐⭐ Who's pumped for Fortnite vs PUBG 3 ? This video is an origins story that takes place in the Fortnite vs PUBG universe. You may recognize the main character from our previous Fortnite fan film (s). You've seen him boogie. You've seen him attack. Here's his backstory. Hope you
enjoy this fortnite skit. We've been having lots of fun shooting these fortnite in real life videos, and really hope the fortnite deaths and fails are funny. For those of you who saw our previous two Fortnite videos, check out the teaser at the end. Fortnite vs. PUBG 3 is on its way :) ⭐⭐CHECK OUT OUR GEAR⭐⭐ Camera - Sony A7sii - Lens - Sony 24-70mm f/4 - Mic - Rode Video Mic Pro - Stabilizer - Ronin M - Secondary Gimbal - Zhiyun Crane - 🌟🌟SUPPORT US🌟🌟 If you're an awesome and loving person who's looking to support us, THANK YOU!!! Please check out these links if you WANT, we still love you if you don't :) 👉🏽Patreon - 👉🏽Clothing / Merchandise - Thank you so much for watching!!! 👋🏼🤡