I Spent the Night on a Lake in a Zorb Ball & It Was Insane (Sleep on a Lake Challenge)

Published At : 22 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of I Spent the Night on a Lake in a Zorb Ball & It Was Insane (Sleep on a Lake Challenge).SUBSCRIBE ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_... You decided that you wanted to see me spent the night on a lake, so I thought instead of spending the night in a boat (boring) I would spend the night on a lake in a zorb ball! Zorbing is when you get in an inflatable ball on water or down hill. Will I survive the night challenge? ↓ FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW BACK ↓ ► http://instagram.com/killemftw ↓ WHY NOT WATCH SOME MORE ↓ ► I Spent 1 Week in an Elevated Glass Box & Wasn’t Allowed to Leave (Stuck in a Box Challenge) https://youtu.be/pFO4ra5qOJQ ► Can I
Climb a House Using Only Super Glue? https://youtu.be/56qnR_onxPQ ► I Filled a Room with Sleeping Spray & Wasn’t Allowed to Sleep for 24 Hours (Deprivation Challenge) https://youtu.be/mKsTqTVyr8A ► New Family Member in the Kill’em House https://youtu.be/vlimx7sVzhU ► I Made a Bed out of Play Doh & It Was the Best Night’s Sleep I Ever Had! (DIY Play-Doh Challenge) https://youtu.be/Sq_COvqSssM ↓ P.O. BOX ↓ Box 119, Fortuna House, 88 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 2FW, UK. DISCLAIMER: The content in this video is intended for entertainment purposes only, please
do not try to reenact anything you see here.