Published At : 13 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of MEGA ORBEEZ WATERFALL!!.WE MADE A GIANT ORBEEZ WATERFALL! WATCH US DUMP THEM ON STEPHEN! 🎢and our music video is coming next week! 🎢 Today Carter Sharer, Liz, and I (Stephen Sharer) got millions of Orbeez and created a huge orbeez waterfall! First we got a big swimming pool so we could put all the Orbeez into it. Then we blew up the pool filled it up with water and poured thousands of Orbeez into the pool. The Orbeez then started to grow filling the entire pool. While we waited for the Orbeez to grow to the full size, Carter got a big Bobcat skidsteer machine delivered to the house. He
drove it off the truck and down the driveway and told us we were going to fill the bucket on the machine with all the orbeez and make the worlds biggest orbeez waterfall! Once the Orbeez were done expanding we all started filling the big machine’s bucket up with all the Orbeez from the pool. Once the Bobcat Skidteeer was all filled up with Orbeez there was still many left in the pool. We had so many Orbeez that there was still a lot left in the pool. Then Carter when into the machine and started it up. He lifted the bucket full of Orbeez as high as the machine can go.
Stephen Sharer aka me then jumped on the pool and stood under the huge bucket. We then counted to 3 and we dumped the bucket of Mega Giant Orbeez. Thousands of Mega Orbeez poured out of the Bobcat and started to rain down on Stephen. This was definitely the worlds biggest Orbeez waterfall we have ever seen! There were so many orbeez that Stephen fell over from all the orbeez falling on him! There were orbeez everywhere it was so crazy! Comment #Orbeez if you thought this vlog was super epic and want to see more ORBEEZ videos! This channel is family-friendly and
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