The Bluegrass Brothers - Six Hours on the Cross

Published At : 10 Jan 2011
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Watch Full Video Of The Bluegrass Brothers - Six Hours on the Cross.Subscribe to Youtube Bluegrass at the Kirby Music Series at Theatre in Roxboro, NC Rob Hall, Promoter 336-599-4039 Email: [email protected] The Bluegrass Brothers Booking Information contact Victor Dowdy, Cell Phone 540-798-7217, Home Phone 540-384-7309 Email: [email protected] The Bluegrass Brothers Victor Dowdy (Bass) Steven Dowdy (Guitar) Donald Dowdy (Mandolin) Billy Hurt, Jr. (Fiddle) Kevin Prater (Banjo) Lyrics: Six Hours on the
Cross Written by JD Jarvis Our Savior was praying one day in the garden, He knew that He must soon give His life. He knew that He must go to Calvary, I tell you, my friends, He paid a great price. CHORUS: Six hours on the cross--- our Savior was dying, Six hours on the cross----, Oh, what a sad time. "My God, oh my God----, why am I forsaken?" Six hours on the cross-----, your Savior and mine. The soldiers lead Jesus---- through the judgment hall, He suffered and bled---- for one and for all. They crowned His head---- and spit in His face. There was no one---- to take
His place. CHORUS: So tired and so weary---- but He couldn't lay down, His cross was so heavy----, He fell to the ground. Oh, sinner, repent---- and give up your pride, Six hours on the cross---- our Savior died. CHORUS: