The Most Rewatched Movie Moments

Published At : 13 Apr 2018
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Watch Full Video Of The Most Rewatched Movie Moments.If you're new, Subscribe! → From action flick to rom com, everyone has that one movie that, no matter how many times they've seen it before, they just can't resist watching again. Maybe it's the awesome plot, or amazing effects, or maybe it's just one, singular scene that draws people back in again and again. What makes these scenes worthy of repeat viewings? See for yourself... Rosebud | 0:19 The shock of a lifetime | 1:28 Pool fantasies at Ridgemont High | 2:07 A real trooper | 2:40 The whisper heard 'round the world | 3:15 A
head-spinning ending | 4:03 One morose Munchkin | 4:46 Read more here → Movie Lists and Features The Most Exciting Upcoming Movies That Nobody Is Talking About The Most Disturbing Non-Horror Films Of All Time The Truth About Danny McBride's Crocodile Dundee Movie Last-Minute Changes That Completely Saved These Movies Trailers That Ruined The Entire Movie These Are The Worst Movies Of 2017 Website → Like us → Instagram → Looper is the go-to source for the
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