The Simpsons (2009) Episode Points to August 21st 2017 Eclipse

Published At : 21 Aug 2017
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Watch Full Video Of The Simpsons (2009) Episode Points to August 21st 2017 Eclipse.The Simpsons show how NOT to view the Solar Eclipse today. Take an opportunity to realize how small and insignificant our political ponderings are in the bigger picture of things. Subscribe at simpsons solar eclipse,solar eclipse simpsons,eclipse simpsons,simpsons eclipse,los simpsons eclipse,los simpsons eclipse,marge,marge simpson,simpsons,homer,homer simpson doh,don’t pull a Marge Simpson,lunar eclipse,simpsons predictions,simpsons theme,ECLIPSE TODAY! Careful,ovation eddie,leonard nimoy simpsons eclipse,eclipse,eclipse 2018,eclipse
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