The Singing Cookes - Man Without God

Published At : 23 Apr 2011
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Watch Full Video Of The Singing Cookes - Man Without God.The Singing Cookes at the top of their game. From their 1979 album He's Always There (SC-16) This video is part of series I'm doing on the soundtrack of my youth. Most of these songs are southern gospel in nature but I may post other types of music eventually. If I had known as a young child that these albums would one day be rare and I'd want to record them into something called a computer and convert them into something called a MP3 file so that I could burn them to something called a CD or listen to them on something called an iPod, I would have taken better care of
them. But all I knew at the time is that I loved them and I played them over and over again. So sorry for any snap, crackle and pop.