The Web Is Not The Net

Published At : 08 May 2014
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Watch Full Video Of The Web Is Not The Net.HAPPY 25th birthday, WWW! my twitter: my instagram: ***SOURCES and LINKS BELOW*** ALL MUSIC BY ZACH MCCOY: BOOK: Everything Bad is Good for You: BOOK: Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo CGP Grey on Net Neutrality: Vi Hart on Net Neutrality: Mimas: Mimas in depth: spain compared to contiguous U.S. old computer footage: first use of the word "internet": first message sent over internet: history of the internet: Tim Berners-Lee's proposal: first website: internet vs
web 'hypertext' without electricity: hypertext: [PDF] maps of the web: ONE SECOND IN THE WEB: How much of the
traffic on the internet is adult content? internet traffic: web and internet metaphors: [PDF] [PDF] [PDF] [PDF] Wrath of the Sea painting: 19 clicks away:,2817,2415589,00.asp screenagers: Unamuno: emojitracker: Least-used emoji: Deep Web: Novel google searches every day: wiki links:,_march_1977.png