Top 10 Most Shocking Things Found INSIDE PEOPLE!

Published At : 28 Jan 2018
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Watch Full Video Of Top 10 Most Shocking Things Found INSIDE PEOPLE!.Some truly shocking things have been mysteriously found inside of different people. From plants in organs to a whole set of silverware. Stick around as I explain how the 10 most shocking things got their way into the human body. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: Be Amazed at these 10 Shocking Things Found In People! Fish - One day a 14 year
old Indian boy was cleaning his fish tank when one of his pet fish decided to make the bold decision to swim up the boys penis. Cobblestones - Arguments between couples can lead to plenty of problems. Heated words may get said, belongings destroyed, someone doing something stupid, the list goes. Weapons - This x-ray shows a hand grenade in the stomach of a man who was planning on detonating it when the right moment arose. Hairball - In 2007 in Chicago an 18 year old girl went to hospital complaining of stomach ache. Cutlery - 52 year old Margaret Daalman went to the
doctors complaining of a stomach ache. Her x-rays revealed a huge dense looking mass in her stomach. Fetus - A man in India had an abnormally large stomach for his size and stature. Spiders - Many people are scared of Spiders, so the thought of having one in ones ear will make many hide in fear. Gold - An Indian businessman complained of having a stomach ache so he went to the doctors and informed them that he had swallowed a bottle cap and wanted it to be removed. Worm - Doctors were horrified when they found a parasitic worm wriggling around inside a teenage boy's eye
which had been in there for three weeks! Plants - In Beijing a 2 cm dandelion was found in the ear canal of a 16 month old girl.