Top 10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World

Published At : 05 Oct 2017
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Watch Full Video Of Top 10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World.Every school has a long list of rules you need to obey. Most are there to keep us safe. However, some, who knows what the point of them is? Here are our top 10 weirdest school rules from around the world. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Sources: Credit: Be Amazed at these Top
10 weirdest school rules from around the world! Japanese school rules - To the outsider, the ultra-strict school rules of Japan seem a little harsh, but the Japanese credit their education system as the reason the country excels in areas like tech and finance. Chinese naps - Staying in the East, we move to China. Studies show that a 30-minute power nap in the middle of the day can improve your memory and school performance. No red pens - When I was at school, I got used to seeing my homework covered in red writing when the teacher gave it back to me, usually telling me that
I ‘could do better’. Electronic tagging - Houston, we have a problem. In the USA, the amount of money a school gets from the state is tied to school attendance. Therefore, the more pupils you have in class, the more money you get. No photos, please - In 2010, a school in Watford, England banned photography. No pictures would be allowed to be taken of students, on or off the school premises. No talking about college - College. Where American kids go after they finish school. Students get to live in a big house, have wild parties, vomit in a kitchen cupboard and never
learn anything at all. No winning - Talking about not hurting other children’s feelings, some schools in the UK have taken it to its logical conclusion and banned winning altogether. No going to the bathroom during class - If you attend Evergreen Park High School in Chicago, I hope you’ve got good bladder control. No BFF’s - Back to the UK, and we visit Thomas’s School in London. It’s an elite private prep school, and its most famous pupil is none other than Prince George. Jumpsuits - If you’re a student at Gonzales High School in Texas, you need to make sure
you wear the right clothes, and wear them correctly.