TOP 20 MOST DANGEROUS AIRPORTS in the WORLD! The Most Incredible and Unbelievable Airports!

Published At : 13 Feb 2017
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Watch Full Video Of TOP 20 MOST DANGEROUS AIRPORTS in the WORLD! The Most Incredible and Unbelievable Airports!.The most scary and amazing airports in the World. A compilation you must watch! ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK: The most dangerous and spectacular airports in the World: ⇒ Skiathos Airport (Greece) ⇒ Lukla Airport (Nepal) ⇒ Gustaf III Airport (Saint Barthélemy island) ⇒ Princess Juliana Airport (Saint Martin) ⇒ Courchevel Airport (France) ⇒ Toncontín Airport (Honduras) ⇒ Paro Airport (Bhutan) ⇒ Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba island) ⇒ Kangerlussuaq Airport (Greenland) In this video you will see the most frightening
runways in the World. Are You Ready for the Holidays? Before leaving, if your destination is one of these airports, you should better think twice! If you are afraid of flying maybe this video is not for you, but if you love adventure you will go crazy watching it! Airports in tropical islands, runways close to cliffs like in the Far Cry game, incredible airports that seem to come more from a video game like GTA: all the unbelievable and absurd places are here! Put yourself on the road to take the first flight to travel to these places to feel the real adrenaline, far
away from the traffic of New York, from a luxury cruise in the Atlantic Ocean, from the opulence of a resort in the Bahamas, from the richness of Dubai, from the extravagance of Hollywood, from the leisure of London, from a relaxing organized trip and away from the monotony of everyday life. This video shows the most dangerous and risky airports where even a little carelessness can cause a plane crash. Subscribe to Travel TV to be updated on all upcoming videos: ⇒ Crosswind landings in the Atlanta International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago O'Hare
International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Amesterdam Schiphol Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport and many others ⇒ Ships in storm, monster waves, crazy boats, crashes caught on camera, boat accidents and awesome big ship Launches ⇒ The best airplanes in the World like the Airbus A380 (the biggest passenger airliner in the World), the Antonov An-225 Mriya (the longest aircraft in the World) and the Boing 747 (the most loved plane) Travel TV: Discover the world by traveling with
your imagination ____________ 〉 CREDITS 〈 This video has been made in collaboration with Curiosity - Skiathos Airport Head On Landings: courtesy of Tomasz Balcerzak ( - Low landing Islander St Barth: courtesy of Kurt Panduro ( - Courchevel airport: courtesy of Vincent Bazillio ( - Plane taking off at Courchevel Airport: courtesy of Alex Turner ( - American Airlines b757-200 landing in Toncontin: courtesy of Enrique
Galeano ( - Saba Landing from cockpit: courtesy of Jared Akers ( CREATIVE COMMONS videos: - "Jet blast in St. Maarten SXM Maho Beach MD-80 Take Off" and "Jet coming in St. Maarten Maho Beach very low pass SXM crazy beach Boeing 737" and "EXTREME Take off Jet blast - St. Maarten, Maho Beach - Air France Airbus 340" and "Incredibile atterraggio - landing very low pass - St. Maarten, Maho beach": Delta9prod ( - "St. Barts - My best landing": Rusty Jackson ( - "Landung in
Lukla - dem “gefährlichsten” Flughafen der Welt": ( - "Landing in Lukla Airport": Kaiz Galang ( - "snorkeling with the camera, St Maarten" and "take off from Gustaf III Airport, St Barths": alljengi ([email protected]) - "Taking off in Saba": Patrick Hawks ( - "WinAir Twin Otter coming into to land at Gustaf III Airport" photo: James Rowson ( - Saba airport photo: Pia L ( - Courchevel aeroport photo: Hugues Mitton ( Check also "Source videos
- View attributions" ____________ For non-English speaking people: Die gefährlichsten Flughäfen der Welt Los aeropuertos más peligrosos del mundo Les aéroports les plus dangereux du monde Gli aeroporti più pericolosi del mondo Os aeroportos mais perigosos do mundo Самые опасные аэропорты в мире 世界で最も危険な空港 世界上最危险的机场 المطارات الأكثر خطورة في العالم 세계에서 가장 위험한 공항 Τα πιο επικίνδυνα αεροδρόμια στον κόσμο