Top 20 Weirdest Products You NEED from Around The World

Published At : 24 Mar 2018
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Watch Full Video Of Top 20 Weirdest Products You NEED from Around The World.Some amazing yet weird products and objects exist all around that world! Here are the top 20 Weirdest Products You NEED from Other Countries. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Be Amazed at these Weirdest Products we Need From Other Countries! Condiment Tubes in Scandinavia - In Scandinavian countries like Sweden , a wide variety of foods come in toothpaste-like tubes . Funky drink flavours - Japan has an
interesting selection of sodas I'd like to try, particularly Pepsi varieties. Japanese vending machines - Sodas aside, Japan is known for the wide variety of other products you can purchase in vending machines. Mellowcabs - I'm used to calling an Uber when I need a ride, but in South Africa, you could just use a Mellowcab. Clever Ironing board - When I'm short on space, I often solve my problem by kicking everything under the bed. Clever Bench - South Korea is also home to the rolling bench—no, it doesn't roll away like a bed. Amazing cake cutter - Cake is a big deal
in Finland, but the Finnish people don't have to deal with cutting a piece of cake, then struggling to get it on a plate before it falls apart. Champagne-flavored stuff - I like to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Whisky-flavored condoms - For a slightly more sophisticated and adult gift, go to Scotland, land of scotch whisky flavored condoms. Utes - this mini truck is seriously cool! Mosquito Oil - One thing I don't find cute—mosquitos. - Heated Carpet - My bedroom would also be more comfortable with this electric heated carpet available in Japan. Home
Dry-Cleaning Machine - I can't tell you how many times I've wished I had a dry-cleaning machine at home—usually right after I spill something on a dry-clean only shirt. Futuristic Door - This Japanese door looks like something you'd see on Star Trek, an automatic door that doesn't just slide out of the way, but opens just enough for your size and shape to get through. Chestnut Paste - If you love Nutella, get ready for the French version—chestnut paste. Funky Chip Flavours - Toilet Sinks - I have to applaud Japan for a few more amazing products, starting with
their toilet technology. Smart trains - Japan is also known for its fast, efficient, and comfortable bullet trains, which we really neeed. Street crossings - This is another thing the Japanese have figured out pretty well. Crazy keyboard - And the first prize goes, once again, to Japan, for this drum set ...wait, what is that again? No, it's not just a drum set, it's a keyboard.